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Posted on: 09/30/18

 Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 Grey Blue ,"Luo Ge, why don't you call us all the time! And the letter doesn't come back, you don't know..." "Small crystal sat down and started complaining, but she was not waiting for her to finish. Stop the card and let her stop going!Luoyun has some doubts. What does Xiaojing mean in the end, what does not call, and what does not reply? When I think of this, he can't help but look at Jessica. The girl seems to be trying to cover up something. Can it be said that..."Small crystal, what did you say?" Luo Yun stared directly at the girl's eyes, wondering.

Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 White Pink ,"Zheng Xiujing!" Jessica saw Luo Yun asked, suddenly anxious, and immediately pointed out to the small crystal, the two talents just reunited, she did not want to let Luo Yun heart because of this incident, no matter who is right or wrong, Jiexi The cards don't want to go on, so it only makes a gap between the two, but she doesn't know that this kind of thing can't be seen for a while, and one day will be discovered!Xiaojing looked at her sister and Luoyun with her head in her head, and her eyes were a little confused. What happened to them? However, at this moment, the little girl’s eyes flashed, and I saw Luoyun and Jessica’s hands tight. Tightly held together, my heart suddenly, seems to think of something!

OFF WHITE x Nike Air Max 97 Wolf Grey Menta,"Well, boy, the time is almost up, we should leave!" Coach Eddie stood up from the seat directly, put the backpack on his shoulder, and looked back at the big guy! In fact, this sentence should be said to Luo Yun. The little guy’s trip to South Korea is not small. The two Korean girls are really good boys. It seems that the little guy’s name is fair. It is. "Sika!" Luo Yun saw Eddie get up and knew that it was time to go. Looking at the delicate face of Jessica, the heart sighed, and the walk must always go, but this one really doesn’t know when. I can see you again! Jessica didn't talk, but clung to Luoyun's left hand and bowed down to see him.


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